Inhale. Exhale.

Connect anywhere to affordable community breath classes

Guided Breath Work

With our breath membership you gain access to one year of live expertly led 20-25 minute breath classes. Connect with people all around the world, to take a collective pause from daily life, work and stress to focus on better breathing

Better breathing has been linked to higher performance, regulating the nervous system, and plays a key role in building deeper connections.In these live 20-25 minute audio breath classes we explore history, style, technique, benefits as well as breathing deep in a fully guided practice.

We’ve kept our membership prices as low as we can because let’s be real, breathing doesn’t cost. We don’t believe in expensive streaming mediation services and if you don’t either then we’re here for you. We will be offering live classes throughout the week. Check our calendar for live classes that suit your schedule.

Great power and understanding comes from doing things together – so join us.

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